Rolly Polly Cow

Rolly Polly Cow is proud to be the first Ice Cream Parlour of its kind in the Niagara Region.   We serve unique freshly prepared handcrafted Ice Cream Rolls made from the very finest ingredients in front of our customers.  Our passion for enjoying a refreshing and delicious treat encouraged us to setup our first venture in the beautiful city of  St. Catharines.  Each of our Ice Cream flavours has been created with love while keeping a unique taste in mind.    We look forward to serving you!

About The Owners

Rolly Polly Cow is co-owned by Kanwal & Jasjeet.  Kanwal works for a Wall Street investment bank and Jas  operates the parlor @Rolly Polly Cow. Jas is a local girl, raised in St. Catharines, attended Laura Secord Secondary  School.  We strongly believe that we can only grow if we have consistency, quality, taste and our great customer service.   Our intentions are to expand Rolly Polly Cow while keeping the same flavors that you enjoy, and continue to evolve  into something very special!   Our intention is to take Rolly Polly Cow to every corner of Canada, delivering  unique local flavors, along with the very best from around the world.

Why We Are Different

Have you ever been to an ice cream shop to see fresh ice cream being made in front of you? If not you should go to  Rolly Polly Cow, where we make delicious ice cream into rolls right on the spot from the finest ingredients available.  Rolly polly Cow is an unique type of  ice cream created differently from other ice cream shops – we took the concept  from Thailand and created local Ice cream flavors that you are used to and enjoy all the times.

Our Ice cream rolls have all the fresh ingredients with a variety of options to select from - such as Mango Madness or the Chocolate Daredevil or even if you want to be creative, you could customize your own way of creating this creamy rolled up ice cream with "Any Way You Want" option. The specially created Ice Cream melts in your  mouth as you devour this lovely treat with each bite. All our flavors are suited for your palate without  being too heavy on your stomach.

We take pride in offering the most delicious Ice Cream products with fresh  and natural ingredients at a reasonable cost.

Rolly Polly Cow is a family run business. The masterminds of this business were started by a husband and wife team,  who wanted people to enjoy ice cream in a different way. They occasionally visited other Ice Cream Parlors to find  the similar ice cream everywhere else. One day they got bored of eating the same old ice cream, after a long day of  work, they went to an Ice Cream shop, which served rolled up ice cream with Asian flavors, right then was the birth  of a new era of the Rolly Polly Cow company.

They thought "Why not start up a rolling ice cream business which  everyone would love since it's not a generic type of ice cream, it's something out of the ordinary." After that  day, they went on a long and exhausting grind giving up their free time to create new ice cream recipes, which  could be rolled up, and guzzled by people craving for some type of new ice cream which is not generic.

After a  struggle over a span of a year they were finally able to discover recipes made from all fresh  ingredients, which were better than chemicals and certain type of food coloring which could be harmful for  health which is used by almost every other ice cream company, and hence the creation of Rolly Polly Cow!!